Mid Crown Adjustable Hat

Stack of Mid Crown Adjustable Hats

Mid Crown Adjustable Hat Specifications and Options

  • Structured Mid Profile Crown Shape
  • Custom Shaped Mid Curve Visor
  • Available Silhouettes: 5-Panel or 6-Panel
  • Structure Options: Structured, Half Structured (5-Panel Only), Unstructured or Foam Backed (Foam Backed Available on Cotton Twill, Cotton Ripstop, Poly Twill or Polyfoam)
  • Closure Options: Plastic Snap, Velcro, Metal Slider, Plastic Buckle, Elastic Loop with Velcro, Metal Buckle or Leather Strap with Bronze Buckle
  • Sizing Options: Kids Fit, Small Fit, Regular Fit or Big Fit
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5-Panel Mid Crown Adjustable Hat

Fully Custom 5-Panel Mid Crown Adjustable Hats by Pukka

Create the perfect balance between depth and style by utilizing our Mid Crown silhouette option on 5-Panel Adjustable Hats. This modern and stylish combination merges the streamlined look of a singular front panel construction with a mid profile crown shape, ensuring a fit that seamlessly contours to your head and a continuous panel ideal for any embellishment. Elevate your headwear game by customizing a Mid Crown 5-Panel Adjustable Hat and stand out effortlessly wherever you roam.

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Mid Crown

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Mid Crown Adjustable Hat


Custom Mid Crown Adjustable Hats by Pukka

Mid Profile Shape

An attention to detail when designing our latest crown shape resulted in the ideal Mid Crown Adjustable Hat with an incredible fit.

Mid Curve Visor

Our custom Mid Curve Visor, designed specially for our Mid Crown silhouette, has the prefect amount of curve.

Even More Options

Customize your Mid Crown Adjustable Hat even further with new Fabric, Silhouette and Closure options.
Mid Crown Adjustable Hat

Fabric Options

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Fabric Color Disclaimer: Please note that this visual representation of fabric color should be used for general guidance purposes only. Variation in computer displays may cause colors to display incorrectly. Not all actual colors match across all fabrics and some fabric tones can change due to shifts in material content. For critical shade standard assessment, please ask your local sales rep to see their fabric swatch book.